12 best morning habits for success.

Our will power is greatest in the morning especially the first 30 minutes of our waking time as science says that the body releases the stress hormone called cortisol that gives surge of energy to tackle the day’s important task. Optimizing this energy and channelizing this energy towards healthy habits can make our lives more meaningful and successful.   On another note, our body is a wonderful creation of God, it is blessed with a DOSE of happiness hormones. DOSE is an acronym for Dopamine (Reward hormone), Oxytocin (Love hormone), Serotonin (Mood stabilizer hormone) and Endorphin (Pain killer hormone). The beauty of these hormones is we can condition ourselves to release these hormones by following certain success habits. I was deeply researching some habits for myself and I found the below ones idealistic and I have started following them from last couple of months and am feeling a lot of changes in the way I think, my performance and how my day turns out. 

  1. Wake up at the first ring of alarm – This simple but hard to follow routine is the very first routine. Winning this routine translates as our first win of the day. Starting a day with a winning note set the tone for the other successes for the day. This first win also rewards our body with a release of Reward hormone Dopamine.
  2. Gratitude – As soon as you get up sit straight on your bed and read your gratitude messages, while going through the gratitude message feel the joy you are experiencing. This routine can be as brief as five minutes or so. The feeling of joy during this routine releases the Mood stabilizer hormone Serotonin.
  3. Make your bed – This is another simple routine that disguises as your second win for the day. The feeling of seeing your surrounding clean not only declutter your thoughts but also gets distractions to minimum. 
  4. Drink a tall glass of water – Body is deprived of water for 6-8 hour during the sleep cycle and this needs to be replenished for waking up the functions of body and brain. So drink a tall glass of water. It is even better to drink water from a copper vessel first thing in the morning as Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification and it acquires a certain quality from the copper. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is vital to human health as it is comes with antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties and thereby neutralize toxins.
  5. Washroom routine – Complete your morning washroom routine of reliving and cleaning up yourself for the day from toxins and cleaning as this is your most important win of the day as the saying going our body is our temple and keeping them clean is like serving the God. 
  6. Meditation – Spending about 5-15 minutes on meditation can do wonders for your focus and calmness. It is said that meditation is like weight lifting for your attention span. Meditation also help reduce the cytokines (Inflammatory hormone), which are released in response to stress, can affect mood, leading to depression. It also increases the activities in the areas of brain related to positive thinking and optimism. In short it has so many benefits that I plan to write a blog post dedicated to it.
  7. Beverage – Having a hot cup of Coffee awakens our brain, can kick start your metabolism and it also has anti-oxidant properties which is good for the health when taken in moderation. while the coffee is getting prepared or brewed, you can start the activity 8 or 9 that way we are effectively using the time
  8. Affirmations & Visualizations – Go over your affirmations one by one parallel visualizing what would be the end result of achieving this affirmation also see how closer you are to progress and decide on one step you would take one each affirmation that would lead to its fulfillment. During visualization make sure that you see as the affirmations completed and you are reaping the benefits of it. For any reason while performing this activity don’t focus on anything like lack, worry or shortcoming as that would total render this routine useless.
  9. Body Stretches & Exercise – Do a 5-10 minutes of body stretches to relax your muscles of inactiveness during the sleep cycle. Exercise releases endorphins that is good to relieve any pains in the body and get your day to a health start. You can pick a few stretches for neck, shoulders, hands, abdomens, thighs and foot. Each stretch can be of 20 seconds to a minute to fit it comfortably in your schedule.
  10. To-do & Prioritization Each day pick 3 to-dos with respect to your life visions, 3 with respect to work and 3 with respect to your family and friends and prioritize them and tackle them during the day. If a to-do can take less than 5 minutes do it immediately as that sends winning message to your brain and releases Dopamine. Once you are down with small tasks focus on the larger ones and give dedicated and focused time to achieve it. At the end of the day re-access your to-dos and marked it down or move it to the next day. I love this topic so much that I would write a separate blog on this very soon.
  11. Reading – Reading is like food for brain. When we spend so much money and time to get our stomach happy we should equally set aside some time for feeding our brains with good things as well. As the saying go, Brain is like a field, if you don’t take care of it, weeds start to grow and corrupt the entire space. So pick up this healthy and affordable habit of Reading atleast for 15 minutes per day with some good self-help books like The Magic of thinking big, awakening the giant within etc. world famous leaders are voracious readers. Reading gives authors decade long experience in a few days of reading. There is a saying that “A reader lives many lives”. 
  12. Journaling – Journaling keeps our thoughts organized, set and monitor goals, record ideas for future dates, relieves stress, helps self-reflect and inspire creativity. set aside 5-15 minutes each day for this important activity. You will see the how much you have learning and won during the days after a couple of months. This get a very good feeling for your self on achieving so much.

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