12 Habits for Happiness

Happiness is a state of feeling positive emotions such as Joy, Pride, Fulfillment and Accomplishment. It doesn’t necessarily mean zero negativity but being in control of negative emotions and controlling it to shift them to positive emotion. Here is my list of 12 habits that I follow on daily basis to be in Happiness state.

  1. Meditation – The first habit that can do wonders for our happiness and wellbeing is to follow a mediation routine. Mediation not only calms down our mind, but also rejuvenates our internal self. Setting aside a 10-15 minutes every day for medication will get immense personal benefits. We can see benefits of this routine within a month, we can see how calm and clear we are thinking when our friends are demonstrating chaotic and anxiety in their thinking.
  2. Take care of our bodies – There is an old saying that say Health is Wealth. This is more relevant today as we work hard ignoring our health, personal life and dreams to earn money, at the end we tend to use the same money to restore back the health. Set some time to pamper yourself everyday with 15-30 minutes of body stretches, Cardio, full body exercises or yoga. Set a routine to eat health for 6 days a week, you could however have a day off to splurge on your fantasy foods. Drink atleast 3 liter of water and finally sleep for about 7 hours per day.
  3. Gratitude – Gratitude is being thankful, appreciative and acknowledgeable for all the tangible or intangible things we are blessed with. It is a way of celebrate all the goodness in our lives. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, enjoy experiences, improve their health, learn to deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Some ways you can incorporate Gratitude in your life would be by maintaining a gratitude journal, where you write all the good things that happened on that day. You can thank a person, an incident or an experience which made us happy. Set aside about 5 minutes every day before winding off you day to record our gratitude.
  4. Optimism – It is act of being hopeful and have confidence about the outcome or the success of something. An optimistic person is more likely to expect a positive outcome than a negative one. Optimists are also able to see the opportunity in negative developments. This habit would need a little dedication to tackle any challenge by focusing on the positives this challenge disguises behind itself, Focus on the solution rather than the problem, Challenge negative thoughts. We should incorporate this habit in everything we do during the day. Always wear an optimism lenses and filter out the pessimism.
  5. Forgiveness Forgiveness is an act of letting go some negative action committed by someone that got you into pain. Forgiveness is effective if it comes from deep within you and not out of pressure from someone. A very simple way to forgive someone is to make a list of people who have hurt you and write in a paper “I forgive <Name> for <Reason> and I choose to let go of all the bad feeling and set myself free.” and after reading it loudly tear the paper and flush it in your toilet. Next time when you meet that person give them a smile and walk away. As the saying goes “The first to apologize is the bravest, The first to forgive is the strongest, but the first to forget is the happiest”
  6. Connection – Satisfying Connections are associated with greater happiness, better health and even a longer life. Networking and staying connected with other people is not only important in order to build a successful career, but also provide a number of benefits to our physical and mental health. Interacting with others can lower risk of brain diseases and boost feelings of well-being. Whether we are an introvert or extrovert, social connection is the best way to achieve happiness in life. Some simple actions that you can incorporate are wishing your neighbor when you are taking a walk, forming a master mind group and focusing on some common interests, participate in some community event etc.
  7. Acceptance – How we think about ourselves impacts both our psychological health and our future goal achievement. A person with high self-acceptance faces adversity and thrives anyway. A happy & successful person is someone who experiences challenges and accepts failure and unhappiness as a part of life. They are open with others and generally have positive feelings about themselves. Understanding our weakness and find ways how we can convert them to your strengths, if the weakness is permanent and can’t be altered, accept it and move ahead with what you are good at. This gets you to more acceptance and happiness state than feeling of repent.
  8. Growth mindset– Happiness doesn’t come from achieving a goal; it comes from the act of making progress towards a goal. In other words, happiness is a function of personal growth. People with Growth mindset believe that their most basic abilities can be developed, and improved upon, which creates a love of learning and a resilience. They tend to crave self-improvement and have ability to realistically assess where they stand, accept their shortcomings, and change their behavior for the better. They also don’t shy away from new opportunities and challenges. Instead, they embrace change and focus on incremental improvement rather than the result.
  9. Passion: Passion is the fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or difficult they might be. It generates the enthusiasm needed to plow through the biggest obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges. Passion shows up in our voice, body posture, energy and excitement. Set some goals on your passion and learn all that is needed to work on your passion through an online course or by following someone who shares your passion or by reading a book and inspiring yourself to act on the passion.
  10. Be productive – Identify your goals, break them into small actions, and work consistently on the actions every day and monitor and get them to a closure. When you complete a small action praise and pamper yourself as it conditions our mind for a winning and reward mentality. Some things that I would suggest would be pick up a habit of reading books to enhance your skills and be more productive, listening to audio books while travelling, Stretching while your coffee is getting brewed etc.
  11. Beat around your regular routine. Have a day where you go offbeat on your daily routine. Have a day for fun experience new things and finding and experimenting other things that you can add up to your routine. Some things that I usually like doing would be talking a long walk to unexplored places, watch sunset from your balcony, sky gazing at night, have a campfire with your family on your balcony on weekends, pack a book and some lunch and find a cozy place in a park or under a shade and enjoy the day, go through your old picture albums, rearrange your furniture to give a new look to your room, play board games like chess, monopoly etc.
  12. Put a smile on someone’s face – In our day to day grind we forget we live in a society and there are lives around us and we fail to acknowledge their existence. A few simple things that can put a smile on someone’s face would be giving a smile, offering to help, cracking a good joke, cook a nice meal and invite friends, give a note of appreciation when you find something right, lend ear to a someone who needs some support, surprise someone with something they like or longing etc.

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