12 Habits for Productivity
12 Habits for Productivity

12 Habits for Productivity

Being productive is not doing hundred things all at once without quality and being satisfied. It more of reducing time spent on wasteful activities in order to free up time for rewarding activities. I have listed below my twelve best habits for productivity which I follow.

  1. Plan & Prioritize the day in advance – Planning is a constructive process of understanding the big picture of the outcome of the task and thus break it into multiple smaller and achievable sub-tasks, Prioritizing them , set timelines, strategize execution and monitoring them to completion. Planning is 50% of work done as it enables one to visualize our end goal much in advance and find the best and optimum way of achieving the same. Prioritize and close those subtasks that can be completed in less than 5 minutes as this boosts our moral and improves productivity.
  2. Identify your productive window (Focus time) and use them effectively – Creation of a routine spanning a couple of hours that will be dedicated to close planned tasks. During this window keep away from all distractions like mobile phones, email alerts, visitors etc. It is always advantageous to have this window in the morning hours as one has a fresh mind and high on energy. Take small breaks to avoid burnouts, Take a timed 5-minute break for every 60 minutes.  During this break try to pick activities that can relieve your stress like stretching yourself, practice eye focusing, walking or and drinking water etc.
  3. Have a mastermind group – Form a mastermind group with people having similar skills and interests. This helps to share and learn new ideas and also make commitments and be accountable. The group can meet once in a week at some pre-determined time and place and focus on the progress, actions, next steps and corrective actions collectively.
  4. Say “no” to unimportant and non-urgent tasks. – When a task doesn’t fit into your vision of action don’t hesitate to say “No” or learn ways to delegate the work to the right person who can get it done faster and efficiently. In most case forced work doesn’t yield quality output and end up screwing up the reputation.
  5. Keep a distraction list to stay focused – Distraction is always a constant in life which can’t be avoided, but however without it derailing our time and plan it’s a good practice to capture it into our distraction pad and take it up later. Many times opportunities hid as distractions so it’s always good to go over your distraction list once in a while and see if there is an opportunity that can be mined.
  6. Respecting your physical, emotional, and mental limits – We are human and always packed with our own physical, emotional, and mental limits. One don’t have to push themselves to hide their limits which actually puts a lot of pressure on performance. It is in best interest one can identify their limitation, accept them and find ways how you can use these limitations to your advantages.
  7. Give Importance to their health – The only thing that stays with one till the end is their bodies. It should be treated like a temple and taken good care of.  Eating right, having adequate exercise and ample sleep are three basic things that needs to be concentrated upon. A healthy body with a healthy mind is worth more than the wealth of King Solomon’s mines.
  8. Sharpen the axe – While healthy food, exercise and sleep are for the body. Reading, Analyzing and thinking deeply is for the mind.  Reading is an amazing and inexpensive way achieving wisdom through author’s decade’s long experience. It also helps one get different perspective to a common problem and better solutions. Solving puzzles and riddles create new neural networks and keep one from brain ailments.
  9.  Don’t always be a perfectionist – We don’t have to always be a perfectionist which makes a task a bottlenecked on to a person.  By not being a perfectionist one can easily offload a lot of stress on achieving perfection on mundane tasks to others.  Learning to live with others shortcoming and try to complement their strength is a better way to achieve more and being more productive.
  10. Give stipulated time for distractions – Disable all the notifications and make it a practice to check them only in a predetermined time window set for these activities. Best habit would be have a window of 30 minutes once every 4 hours for these activities.
  11. Have an alternate Plan – However meticulous the planning is. In some situations, it fails due to external factors. it is always better to have Plan B and make all plans and preparation to make this plan B work as well. It is always better to be a little over-cautious and losing little than not having a plan and losing a ton.
  12. Manage your energy (not just time)  –  Time without energy is useless. Focusing on how we can get more energy, instead of obsessing over your time. Treat our life and businesses not as a marathon, but as sprints and recovery. Gone are the days where there would be a big bang release at the end of two years, today it’s more agile and 2 weeks sprint-based execution where the progress is visible and people are not burned out as well. 

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