12 Habits for Confidence
12 Habits for Confidence

12 Habits for Confidence.

Being confident not only makes one get what they want in life but also makes one visible and heard. Confidence is not about being right or arrogant. Its more about supporting what one feel is right and sticking to their views. Confidence builds up automatically if you put in a few of the below to your normal being.

1. Positive affirmations – Easy way to program your subconscious mind is by reading and believing your affirmations. Affirmations can be on areas of your confidence like, I am a troubleshooter, I can solve any problem that arises, I am enough, etc. This is a way of hacking our brain to believe. Brain always believes familiar things, hence repeated reading of affirmations makes it familiar to the brain and it eventually starts to believe them.

2. Change your dressing – Dress smart that looks authoritative, this is a simple hack to boost confidence, change your closet to smarter dressing and the body takes care of itself. Dressing elegantly doesn’t mean wear branded and expensive cloths, it just mean you choose the dress that matches your personality and have it clean and ironed with soothing colors.

3. Be loud and be heard – When in a group be loud so that you can present across your views. Most of the time however good the views are it doesn’t get heard by the group it gets dismissed. Put across your view loudly and then justify it with lower voice.

4. Don’t be a backbencher – The most important people always sit in the front row. Front rows are the seat of power and authority. Sitting back not only makes your voice less heard and also makes diminishes your presence.

5. Body Language – By walking tall and straight, by looking at the eyes of the other while talking to them, being empathic, and having a smile can work tremendously for one’s confidence. One these becomes part of your body language it becomes natural and make one feel and look confident.

6. Focus on the good things – instead of brooding of ones shortcomings, concentrate on the good things one possess this will make one more positive and boost their confidence. While doing this one can also try to find ways to improve their shortcomings by self-study or taking up a course.

7. Be Prepared – An action or activity can be more successful if its done with confidence, this confidence can be achieved by being prepared much in advance. preparation could be in terms of understanding the problem, brushing ones skills, collect right data points, stitching our findings into a story and find appropriate ways of presenting it.

8. Increase competency – Invest in increasing ones competence through reading and practicing. One can take small steps towards the competency areas and build it over time. This needs to have a little push on oneself to create a study routine and stick to it without procrastination.

9. Find solutions, not challenges – Focus on solutions rather than on problems that can keep one prepared at all times, besides one is always confident with a solution than with a problem.

10. Smile – Smiling is a most inexpensive way of spending your time and energy. it not only set a positive outlook but also makes one approachable and boosts confidence multifold. 

11. Concentrate on your health and body – A healthy body and health mind always set tone for all the activities that carries over. Having a good posture, a well cut body and a positive mind automatically radiates confidence without having to do anything.

12. Practice what others care is none of my business – It’s a big and time crunched world out there. People are busy with themselves and their journeys, they hardly have any time to think about others. So don’t care what others think but rather think on how one re-in force their strengths and better up their weakness.

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