I am an IT professional with decade long experience working with some of the most reputed Organizations. I specialize in Application Performance engineering, Big data and cloud based solutions across domains. Some of my Architectures and designs are working flawlessly even to date. Apart from my first passion for writing software, I also love farming, playing with electronics and create robots and automations. I also aspire to become an artist, a musician and a life coach one day and have already started working on these interests and get them to reality.

Personally I am honest, sincere, dedicated, dependable go getter with a peaceful, God fearing and abundance mindset. I try to see positiveness in all the challenges and always believe there is a solution for all the problems and we just need to have a open mind and think. From my experience complex problems have very simple solution and it comes out in the most unexpected ways.

I have been blessed with a lot of things from this world and I feel I am indebted to return back to the world one day. I have already taken a step to give back to the mother nature by creating a self sustaining ecosystem of crops on a barren piece of agriculture land all through a natural way without application of any chemicals. I also taken a step towards giving back to society through sharing my experience and learning through my blogs.

Hope my blogs be of some use to the world!!!